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Hammers & Mallets

Jewelry Making Hammers
Hammer brass
Description :-This quality constructed Hammer is ideal for hammering ferrous or non-ferrous metals and also excellent for stamping and dapping. Brass hammers are available with Wood Handle or Steel Handle.
415 Hammer brass with wooden handle
416 Hammer  brass with steel handle
Hammer Brass Dome
Hammer Brass Dome
Description :- Hammer Brass Dome & Flat Wooden Handle
415A Hammer Brass Dome & Flat Wooden Handle
Hammer Brass
Hammer Brass
Description :- Hammer Brass
417 Hammer all brass
418 Hammer brass and fibre with steel handle


Hammer Cross Pein
Hammer cross pein
Description :-This Cross Pein Hammer is designed for heavy duty use and used to strike, shape, and bend unhardened metal. Also used to shape block, brick, and stone.
419 Hammer cross pein type with wood handle
420 Hammer cross pein type with steel handle
Hammer Ball Pein /Chisel
Hammer ball pein /Chisel
Description :-This Hammer's head is constructed from high quality steel with polished face and pein. Ideal for strike chisels and punches or riveting, shaping and bending metal.
421 Hammer ball pein type with wood handle
422 Hammer chisel type with wood handle
Hammer Ball Pein
Hammer Ball Pein
Description :-This hammer is forged from high quality steel, hardened and tempered to precise standards. Ideal for striking chisels and punches, riveting, shaping, and straightening unhardened metal.
423 Hammer ball pein type 1 oz.
424 Hammer ball pein type 2 oz.
Description :- Hammer
425 Hammer steel with 6 parts
426 Hammer brass with 5 parts


Yellow Super Plastic Mallet
Yellow Super Plastic Mallet
Description :- Plastic hammer can be used for applications with precious metals where marring and scratching is a concern. The plastic hammer also reduces shock on impact when in use.
426A Yellow Super Plastic Mallet 1 1/2".
426B Yellow super plastic mallet 2"
426C Yellow super plastic mallet 2.1/2"
Hammer Nylon
Hammer nylon
Description :-This Soft faced hammer is suitable for craftsmen, assemblers, instruments and model makers. Nylon head resists breaking, won't mar metal. This hammer has seasoned wood handle that is strong and reliable.
427 Hammer nylon with wooden handle 3/4" face
428 Hammer nylon with wooden handle 1" face
429 Hammer nylon with wooden handle 1.1/4 face
430 Hammer nylon with wooden handle 1.1/2" face
Hammer Ball Pein
Hammer Ball Pein
Description :- This ball pein hammer is ideal for use in confined areas or texturing metal. A handy tool for various tasks around the shop, garage and home.
430A Hammer ball pein 4 oz.
430B Hammer ball pein 8 oz.
430C Hammer ball Pein 12 oz.
430D Hammer Ball Pein 16 oz.
Hammer brass & fibre
Hammer brass & fibre
Description :-This is mallet style handle with interchangeable faces and shellacked hardwood handle. This hammer is used for hammering delicate pieces without damage, for shaping malleable metals including silver, copper, gold and brass. Replacement faces available to allow any combination of brass, nylon or fiber.
431 Hammer with replaceable brass and fibre head (wooden handle)
Hammer Brass/Nylon Head
Hammer Brass/Nylon Head
Description :- Hammer Brass/Nylon Head Superior Only
431A Hammer Brass/Nylon Head Superior Only
Hammer Chasing
Hammer chasing
Description :- This chasing hammer has a large flat face and is perfect for hardening wire, texturing metal, jewelry making and metal smithing. A very comfortable and easy to use hammer. Forge-tempered and polished steel head.
432 Hammer chasing with handle 1"
433 Hammer chasing with handle 1.1/8"
Hammer for Goldsmith
Hammer for gold smith
Description :-This gold smith all-purpose hammer specially designed for jewelry work. It features a round flat end for general purpose use and a cross pein end perfect for spreading rivet heads, forming and shaping. Highly polished goldsmith's hammer is mounted on a hardwood handle.
434 Hammer for gold smith with wooden handle
434A Hammer jeweler's with wooden handle 
Hammer Riveting
Hammer Riveting
Description :- Hammer Riveting
434B Hammer Riveting with Wooden Handle
Hammer for Jewelers
Hammer for jewelers
Description :- Hammer for jewelers
434C Hammer for jewelers
Goldsmith Hammer
Goldsmith Hammer 10"
Description :- Goldsmith Hammer 10"
434D Goldsmith Hammer 10" Two Hex Heads
Nylon Mallet
Nylon Mallet
Description :- Nylon Mallet
434E Nylon Mallet 10" Superior with Replaceable Heads