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Oil Cups & Oil Pins

Grease Lubricating
Grease lubricating
Description :- This lubricating grease is used for mechanical watches.
799 Grease lubricating for mechanical watches
Grease Silicon Watch Cases
Grease silicon
Description :-This silicone grease is used for sealing, lubricating and waterproofing mechanical watches. It is an excellent case sealer and stem packing agent made of heat resistant case sealant grease with silicone. Safe to use on all parts of your watch as it will not affect watch oils.
800 Grease silicon for waterproofing watch cases
Grease Lubricating
Grease lubricating
Description :-Greasing pads for watch gaskets, loaded with grease you put gasket in between the foam pads to apply enough grease, this helps waterproof your watch and gaskets lasts longer.
800A greasing pad for lubricating
 cleaning solution
cleaning solution
Description :- cleaning solution
800B Solution for cleaning mechanical watches, mercury brand
Watch Oil Pin
Oil pin
Description :- Oil pin
801 Oil pin plastic, coloured 
(set of 3 pcs)
Watch Oil Pin
Oil pin
Description :- Oil pin
801A Oil Pin set of 5 in pouch
Oil pin for Clock
Oil pin
Description :- Oil pin
802 Oil pin, syringe type
803 Oil pin, multipurpose 
804 Oil pin for clocks, pen type
Watch Oil Cups
watch Oil
Description :-This watch oil is used for all kinds of quartz and mechanical watches and great for lubrication of watch wheels, jewels and other parts. This oil doesn't spread when applied.
805 Oil for quartz watches 2cc
806 Oil superfine for wrist watches, 10ml
Clock Oil
clock Oil
Description :- This superfine oil is used for alarm and wall clocks. It contains 20 ml of oil.
807 Oil Superfine for alarm and wall clock, 20ml



Oil Cup
Oil cup
Description :- Oil cup
808 Oil Cup 3-in-1, Superior
Benzene Cup
Benzene cup
Description :-This Benzene cup is great for denatured alcohol for soldering. Made from high quality material for long lasting and durable.
809 Benzene Cup
Watch Oil cup 3 in 1
Oil cup
Description :- This has a metal base with a sliding plastic lid to cover the oils. There are two grooves for holding oil pins. This is a new plastic oil pin. It can be used for applying lubricants. The tip is sharp allowing for better application of the liquid.
810 Oil Cup 3-in-1, Glass Cups & groove for holding oil pin (No oil pin provided)