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Gauges / Measuring Instruments

Jewellery Measuring Tools
Gauge For Measuring
Description :- Gauge For Measuring
365 Gauge for measuring height and thickness 1/0 to 72
Pocket Degree Gauge
Pocket Degree Gauge
Description :-This Pocket Degree Gauge is lightweight, sensitive and smaller than conventional gauge is used for accurate measurements of stones and other small objects up to 10mm. Made of stainless steel with easy to read indices.
367 Pocket Degree Gauge, 10mm Capacity, made of Steel
Gauge For Weighing Diamond
Gauge For Weighing Diamond
Description :-This gauge is used to estimate the weight of most popular shapes of diamonds without removing the stone from the mounting. Also includes a conversion book. Made of stainless steel and durable.
368 Gauge for Weighing Diamond with Book
Degree Gauge
Degree gauge
Description :-This Well made very good quality and Lightweight gauge is made of polished steel with easy-to-read brass indexes. Great for accurate measurements of gemstones and other small objects. Made of stainless steel and durable.
369 Degree gauge 0/72 MM
Depth Gauge Brass
Depth Gauge brass
Description :-This Depth Gauge is made of brass and surface is finely ground. Well engineered to measure depths. Compact and durable.
371 Depth Gauge brass 0-30 mM
Digital Vernier Caliper
Digital vernier caliper
Description :-Made of hardened stainless steel and commonly used to measure internal and external distances extremely accurately. Easy to read LCD digits, rolling thumb wheel. Long lasting & corrosion free.
372 Digital vernier Caliper 6"
Machinist Square
Machinist Square
Description :- In use, the body is aligned against the one edge of the object and the blade is presented to the end or body of the object. If the end is being checked, then a strong light source behind the square will show any mismatch between the blade of the square and the end of the object. The purpose of this action is to either check for squareness or to mark out the body of the workpiece.
Code Sizes
1401 Machinist Square 1”
1402 Machinist square 2"
1403 Machinist square 3"
1404 Machinist square 4"
1405 Machinist Square 6”
1406 Machinist Square 8”
1407 Machinist Square 10”
1408 Machinist Square 12”
Gauge Micrometer
Gauge Micrometer 
Description :-Micrometer screw gauge is used for measuring extremely small dimensions. Can even measure dimensions smaller than those measured by a vernier Caliper.  Strong rugged metal construction. Measuring screw handle, Satin finish with friction knurling for easy rotation. With locking mechanism to hold measurements.
1645 Gauge Micrometer in Pouch,
Reading 0 -10mm
1646 Gauge Micrometer in Pouch,
Reading 0 -15mm
1647 Gauge Micrometer, Reading 0 -25mm
Gauge Vernier
Gauge Vernier
Description :- Made of hardened stainless steel, it is an ideal tool for a broad range of industrial and automotive applications. Quickly and effectively measures the internal diameter and thickness of an object. Durable and long lasting.
1652 Gauge vernier 125mm (5")
1652A Gauge vernier 150mm (6")
Pocket Steel Ruler
Pocket Steel Ruler
Description :- This Pocket Steel Ruler is perfect for getting quick, exact measurements of small items. Corrosion resistant stainless steel construction. It features a decimal equivalent table and has a pocket
1663 Pocket Steel Ruler 6" (150mm) with Clip