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Watch Batteries & Component Testers

Watch Cell Tester
Cell tester
Description :-Simply place your battery between the two points of the tester and the easy-to-read meter will display the performance of your battery in seconds. Compact size and light weight.
834 Cell tester checking for   button cell, AA cells and medium cells
Demagnetising Appliance tools for watches
Demagnetising appliance
Description :-This demagnetising appliance is great for removes magnetic charge from small tools and watches. The tool or watch should be brushed over the machine for a maximum of 10 seconds.
835 Demagnetising appliance Ac 220v, 50 cycles
835A Demagnetising appliance Ac 220v, 50 cycles battery operated
Line Freeing Machine
line freeing machine
Description :- line freeing machine
836 Electronic line freeing machine for quartz watches
Quartz Multi Tester
Quartz multi tester
Description :-This instrument is used to test accuracy of quartz watch and quartz clock, average consumption current and battery voltage,etc. A must have for every watchmaker.
837 Quartz multi tester with line freeing machine
837A Quartz multi tester with line freeing machine battery quarted
Cell Testing Tweezer
cell testing tweezer
Description :-This cell testing tweezer can be used for button cell, torch cell and pencil cell batteries. Simply place tips of tweezers on the positive + negative ends of battery and if the battery has power the tweezers light indicator will glow.
838 cell testing tweezer 1.5V to 3V