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Pin Vices

Jewelry Pin Tong
Pin tong
Description :-This high quality double end pin vise has reversible steel collets in each end and used for holding drill bits, reamers, needle files, screws, taps, wires etc.
460 Pin tong hexagonal with 2 reversible collets (four mouth)
461 Pin tong hexagonal with 2 collects (double mouth)
Pin Tong
Pin tong
Description :- Pin tong double sided (2 collets) micro vice, nickled metal construction, great for holding small drills & other tools.
462 Pin tong american with 2 reversible collets (Four Mouth) 
463 Pin tong Nickelled for studs, fine tip


Pin Tong Nickelled
Pin tong
Description :- Pin tong
464 Pin tong nickelled, sliding
465 Pin Tong of brass with single collet, 10cm thin
Pin Tong With Handle
Pin tong
Description :- Pin tong
466 Pin tong Brass with handle (Graver Chuck) with extra collet
Swivel Type Pin Tong
Pin tong
Description :-This swivel type Pin tong is made of Nickel for long lasting life. Very useful tool for both hobbyists and jewelers. Swivel handle allows hand-drilling with comfort.
467 Pin tong nickelled, swivel type (2 reversible collets)
468 Pin tong oxidised single collet
Swivel Type Pin Tong
Pin tong
Description :-
467A Pin Vice Chrome Finish
467B Pin vice Swivel Top Wooden
Pin Tong Brass
Pin tong
Description :-This premium quality pin tong brass double end is a small hand held tool, designed to hold a various tools and parts.  It hold drills, files, burs, reamers, blades, as well as screwdriver heads and also can be used for holding material such as wire, tube, stock material, bezels, solder, watch parts, any small parts.
469 Pin Tong of brass, single with thick black nut with 1 extra collet
470 Pin tong with plastic handle with 1 extra collet
Pinvice Set
Pinvice set
Description :-This well made Pin Vise Set features knurled no-slip grips and a black oxide finish to resist corrosion. Ideal for holding small taps, reamers, scribers, wire etc.
5291D Pinvice black set of 4
Pin Chuck Set
Pin chuck set
Description :-This blackened finish pin chuck set is made of steel for durability and used for holding drills too small to be held by standard capacity drill chucks.
5293 Pin chuck set with 3 collets to hold small twist drills from 0 to 2.5mm