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Gauges / Measuring Instruments

Oval Gauge
Oval gauge
Description :- Oval gauge
405 Oval gauge for stones 0.01-4 ct., width 55mm
Diamond Fan Gauge
diamond FAN Gauge
Description :- Compact and made from metal, the 4 arms fan out to reveal varying sized holes each of which relate to a carat size and are marked accordingly. The appropriate sized hole is placed over the stone and an indication of the stone size/weight is obtained.
406 Diamond Fan Gauge with 4 Arms.
Diamond/Gem Stone Fan Gauge
diamond/GEM Stone FAN Gauge
Description :- This stainless steel fan gauge is highly versatile and can be used for measuring diamonds and other precious stones. The 7 steel blade gauges will measure Brilliant Cut, Marquee, Pear, Square, Emerald and Oval cuts by carat weight.
407 Diamond/Gem Stone Fan Gauge with 7 Arms.
Plastic Fan Gauge
Plastic fan gauge
Description :- Plastic fan gauge



Gauge Metal 
Gauge metal 
Description :- A light weighted pocket sized gauge to measure pearls and diamonds. One side is a diamond and pearl gauge, while the reverse side is metric carat measurements.
408 Gauge metal for diamonds
Gauge Plastic
Gauge plastic 
Description :- Gauge plastic 
409 Gauge plastic for diamonds and pearls
Gauge Jewelry Measurement Tools
Gauge Aluminium for measuring Plastic Watch Glass
Description :- Gauge Aluminium for measuring Plastic Watch Glass
409A Gauge Aluminium for measuring Plastic Watch Glass, 100 - 700mm
Bangle Sizes Gauge
Bangle sizes gauge
Description :- Bangle sizes gauge
410 Bangle sizes gauge, set of 27 pcs, sizes: #4 to # 28
Plastic Bangle Gauge
Plastic Bangle Gauge
Description :- Plastic Bangle Gauge
410A Plastic Bangle Gauge Set of 15 Rings measures 2" to 2.7, numbered 1-15
Pearl Gauge
Pearl gauge
Description :- Pearl gauge
411 Pearl gauge capacity 10mm
412 Pearl gauge capacity 20mm
Bracelet Size Gauge
Bracelet size gauge
Description :- This sizing gauge is designed for fitting bangles and bracelets. It has an adjustable band and sizes clearly marked in inches and quarter inches.
413 Bracelet size gauge in metal, US std in inches
414 Bracelet size gauge in metal, in cm European std # 15-23
Bangle Sizes Gauge
Bangle Sizes gauge
Description :- Bangle Sizes gauge
414A Bangle Gauge for mm, inches & AANI
Bangle Sizes Gauge
Bangle Bracelet Gauge steel
Description :- Bangle Bracelet Gauge steel
414A (I) Bangle Bracelet Gauge steel (1-27) Size : 1.1/2” to 3.1/8”
Gemstone Setting Gauge
gemstone setting gauge
Description :- gemstone setting gauge
414B accurate gemstone setting gauge
Set of 18 sizes from 1mm to 5mm