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Gold Testing Stone

Gold Testing Black Stone
Gold testing black stone
Description :- This premium quality Gold test stone is used for determine the carat content of jewelry. The object to be tested is scratched on the surface of the stone and a test acid solution determines the karat of the scratch.
023A Gold testing black stone
2½" X 1½" X ½"
023B Gold testing black stone
3" X 2" X ½"mm
023C Gold testing black stone
4" X 2" X ½"
023D Gold testing black stone
6" X 3" X ½"
023E Gold testing black stone
8" X 3" X ½"
Polishing Stone - Goldsmith Tools
polishing stone
Description :- Jewelers use this stone for polishing jewelry. Built to a long lasting and durable. It's available in red and green colors.
023F Jewelers polishing Stone #555 Size 5¼" X 1½" Red Colour
023G Jewelers polishing Stone #555 Size 5¼" X 1½" Green Colour




Stone Red
Description :- STONE RED
023H India Stone Red Fine 6" X 2" X 1"
023I India Stone Combination 6" X 2" X 1"
Emery Grinding Stone
Emery grinding stone
Description :-This premium grade emery stones are highly durable and used for emery grinding.
023J Emery Grinding Stone
100 X 13 X 13 MM
Square, Triangle, Half Round, Round
Stone Arkansas
STONE ARkansas
Description :-This ultra hard stone is very useful for jewelry artist and ideal for sharpening gravers, knives, etc. Also it is an all purpose stone suitable for maintaining a keen edge on all knives and tools.
023K Stone Arkansas 5"