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Watch Tools-Miscellaneous

Watch Glass Remover Tool
Glass remover
Description :-This Top quality Glass remover is great for removing and inserting crystals without disassembling the watch. A plate is provided to hold crystals before insertion. Precision watchmaker tool for watch lover.
862 Glass remover with plate
 Revetting Flat Stake
Revetting flat stake
Description :-This Rivetting flat Stake large with 36 holes is very useful tool for repair watches,clocks etc. Made from solid steel and durable.This is a must have tool for every watchmaker.
863 Revetting flat stake, large with 36 holes


 Revetting Flat Stake Small Holes
Revetting flat stake
Description :-This Rivetting flat Stake small with 36 holes constructed from high quality solid steel and ideal for repair watches,clocks etc. A must have for every watchmaker and durable.
864 Revetting flat stake, small with 36 holes
Revetting Round Stake
Revetting round stake
Description :-This rivetting round stake is a very useful tool for all watchmakers and commonly used for repair watches,clocks etc. Made from durable steel for long lasting.
865 Revetting round stake, small with 15 holes
865A Revetting round stake, large with 30 holes
Dust Remover Pump
dust remover Pump
Description :-This tool is used to remove the tiny dust in the watch or other precise instrument.  it is very soft and comfortable. Also this dust remover pump is lightweight, small and portable. A must have for every watchmaker.
866 dust remover Pump
Rubber Dust Remover Pump
dust remover Pump 
Description :-This rubber dust remover pump is great to remove the tiny dust in the watch or other precise instrument. Lightweight and easy to carry. This pump is excellent tool for watchmakers.
867 dust remover Pump


Watch Casing cushion
Casing cushion
Description :-This superior quality casing cushion is an ideal tool for watch case working surface and helps protect your watch crystal and prevent scratching when you are removing the watch back for repair or battery replacement.
868 Casing cushion for watches, superior
Casing Cushion Jumbo
Casing Cushion Jumbo
Description :- Casing Cushion Jumbo
868A Casing Cushion Jumbo to hold Extra Large Watches


Dust Cover Plastic
Dust cover plastic
Description :-This Watchmakers plastic dust cover and tray with compartments is perfect for disassembled watch parts or movements, this will keep them separated, organized and dust-free. This is made from a rigid plastic material and durable.
869 Dust cover plastic
Plastic Dust Cover
Dust cover plastic
Description :-This plastic dust cover with two work plates is used for holding watch parts and other samll pieces and will keep them from getting dirty, dusty or lost. Great to place on your bench and used for stone setting, watch repair, etc. This is a 2 part tray that fits tightly together for maximum storage space and is air tight.
869A Dust cover plastic with 2 work plates
Watch Crown Winder
Watch crown winder
Description :-This watch crown winder is ideal for winding your mechincal watch very easily and fast. Just push in the end to open the jaws to fit most crowns from small to large. High quality stainless steel construction and durable.
870 Watch crown winder
Balance Tack
Balance tack
Description :-This balance tack is excellent tool that will hold the balance wheel while you repair the watch. Made from durable material for long lasting and a must have tool for every watchmaker.
870A Balance tack


Bench Filling Block
Bench filling block
Description :- This part is used to move various levers in certain pattern of rotation and is highly effective in its working.
871 Bench filling block, brass
Roller Remover
Roller remover
Description :-This tool's unique V-slot design allows you to easily remove rollers from a watchand can be used on both small and standard sized watches. A must have watchmakers bench tool.
872 Roller Remover
Plier for Punching Hole
Plier for punching hole
Description :-This punching plier is used for punching round holes on leather. Grips coated for comfort and sure gripping. Premium manufacturing, highest precision, the very best steels and a legendary durability are the features of these punch pliers!
517 Plier for punching holes in leather belt
Watch Repair - Plier Knotching
Plier knotching
Description :-This Plier is a necessary tool for every Watchmaker. Made of stainless steel and great for cutting notches into watch straps. Cuts notches 1mm And 3mm wide.
518 Plier watch strap knotc hing 1mm & 3mm Width