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Stamping Machine & Tools

Stamping Machine
Stamping Machine
Description :-This easy-to-use Italian model stamping machine can be used for stamping, cutting, punching, and forming. Made from durable material for long lasting life.
569A Stamping machine Italian Model
Jewelry Stamping Machine Tools
Stamping Machine
Description :-This compact device is ideal for square stamping. Position ring over nylon anvil and tap the stamp using a mallet. Soft nylon anvil presents mars on the rings. This Ring Stamping Device comes with two nylon anvils.
569B Ring stamping device for square  stamps with two nylon anvils
Stamp Curved
Stamp Curved
Description :-This curved stamp is used to mark the inside of rings with Jewelry Marking Press. Made of durable carbon steel insures a long life.
569C Stamp curved 10k - 12k - 14k - 18k - 20k - 925 - 950
Inside Ring Stamper
Description :-This Professional Inside-Ring stamper can engrave english letters, numbers, bright initials, dates or phrases, onto the inside of many different ring shapes, including narrow. This high quality ring stamper is easy to operate and provide Reliable Performance.
569D Inside ring stamper
Ring Marking Plier
ring marking plier
Description :-This ring marking plier is made from superior quality stainless steel and used for marking curved and flat surfaces of rings. Insert a stamp in one jaw and an anvil in the other and stamp ring after ring quickly, easily and without distortion or marring.
569E ring marking plier with 4 stamps (10K-14K-18K-925)
569F Replacement stamp
Ring Stamping Anvil Brass
Ring Stamping Anvil Brass
Description :-This Double sided block is made of Brass and used to securely hold shanks in place while stamping. This anvil really is very nicely made, heavy, and well finished.  
064 Ring stamping anvil brass


Stamp Curved 'a-z'
Stamp Curved 'a-z'
Description :-These stamps are made with carbon tool steel and used to stamp your name, initials or personal ID on most metal surfaces. Also these stamps are hardened and tempered to provide extra strength and durability. All these stamps come complete in a stylish wooden box to keep them together and organized.
569G Stamp Curved 'A- z' + '&' Stamp (Set of 27 pcs.) in wooden box