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Watch Tools-Miscellaneous

Soldering Wire
Soldering wire
Description :-This High quality constructed soldering wire is ideal for electronics and electrical work and provide strong, long lasting bond. Completely non-corrosive and electrically non-conductive.
879 Soldering Wire
Pithwood & Pegwood for Pocket watch tools
Pithwood & pegwood
Description :-These Pithwood & Pegwood are ideal for your repair work on pocket watches,watches or clock's and great for cleaning pivot holes and other small items. These are made from fine quality wood and durable.
880 Pithwood for Cleaning Pinions
881 Pegwood 24 Sticks to a Bundle
Tissue Paper
tissue paper
Description :-These top quality non scratching tissue papers are excellent for wrapping small watch parts and other delicate items for shipping, storing, or handling. Conveniently boxed for easy use.
881A tissue paper for watch makers
4" X 4" (Packet of 1000 sheets)
Punch Box
Punch box
Description :-This hardened and tempered pearl punch box is used for worn pivot and shaft holes where re-bushing is inappropriate. Supplied in plastic case.
882 Punch box pearl, hardened and tempered for watchmaker, (set of 25)


Watchmaker Tools in Punches Box
Punch box
Description :- Punch box
883 Punch box superior, (Set of 25) Punches in a Wooden Box
Punch Box Pearl
Punch box
Description :-
884 Punch box pearl, (set of 48) with riveting punches, riveting tool and 4 stakes
885 Punch box pearl, (set of 80) with riveting tools and 10 Stakes
886 Punch box  pearl, (set of 120) with riveting stakes