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Clock Tools, Parts & Supplies

Punch Box Clockmaker
Punch box clockmaker
973 Punch box clockmaker with 16 punches and riveting stand
974 Broaches for wrist (set of 12) in plastic tube
975 Broaches for alarm clock assorted (set of 12) medium
976 Broaches for clocks assorted (set of 12) large
Rubber Vacuum Opener
Rubber vacuum opener
977 Rubber vacuum opener
Clock dial wrench
Clock dial wrench
978 Clock dial wrench: loosens center mounting nuts on quartz and other battery movements
Crows Foot
Crows foot
979 Crows foot: must for a clock man, fits into vice or bench block, handy for removing all friction wheels & gears
Broaching device
979A Bows for pocket watches assortment of 12Pcs sizes 12 to 20mm
Broaching Device
Broaching device
037 Broaching device for watch hands
Clock Broaches With Handle
Clock broaches with handle
038 Clock broaches with handle (set of 6) sizes:1.66, 1.95, 2.05, 2.63,2.75, 3.15mm
039 Cutting broaches (set of 6) in plastic wallet with knurled plastic handles size of broaches 2.4mm, 2.7mm 3.2mm 4.2mm 5.2m, 6.2mm