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Clock Tools, Parts & Supplies

Bob Wire With Nuts
Bob wire With Nuts
961 Bob wire with nuts for clock, 2.3/4" (7 cm)
962 Bob wire with nuts for clock, 3.1/4" (8.5 cm)
963 Bob wire with nuts for clock, 4.1/4" (11 cm)
Clock Lever
Clock lever
964 Clock lever (verges), suitable for seth Thomas, waterbury, seikosha, ansonia, etc. 
(set of 9 in wallet)
965 Clock lever (verges) by size
Gong wire with round 6
Gong wire
966 Gong wire with round 6" wire for old seikosha type clocks
Gong Wire Round 3
Gong wire
967 Gong wire round 3" with flat wire for American clocks
Clock Hands Remover
clock hands remover
968 D- type clock hands remover oxidised
File Burnisher
File burnisher
969 File burnisher, twin type to polish and to grind watch parts
Pivot Locator
Pivot locator
970 Pivot locator 6.1/4" long useful in assembling work for clock especially pesky wheel
Pivot Centering hook
Pivot centering hook
971 Pivot centering hook with wooden handle
Punch Box for Hole Closing
punch box for hole closing
972 Punch box for hole closing (set of 7) in plastic box